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Real quotes from REAL PEOPLE!

Immesurable amounts of credit go to you and how you've not only helped push me, but you've helped me navigate my body, work to identify weaknesses and develop those areas, and really reinforce a positive and driven mindset. You've led the way to me developing into the force I've always wanted to be.-Joshua, 35​

I’m not sure how long I’ve been working out with you now, but it’s been a few years at this point and you are responsible for helping keep me mobile after being diagnosed with MS and herniated discs in my back. Your knowledge has helped me immensely and I’m so glad I reached out for help. I recommend you to anyone who will listen.-Kim-37​

Kyle saved me and helped me find my confidence. As a retired D1/international athlete, it was difficult for me to find motivation to maintain my fitness. Kyle recognized how 
I needed to be coached and pushed me in a way that not only helped me get back into shape but also kept me engaged and accountable. His programming is elite, and he is constantly adapting his skills to ensure he delivers the best for his clients. I have trained with world class coaches and Kyle is among the best I have trained with.-Davynn, 34


Happened to be in town and heard about Saturday boot camp from Facebook so I stopped by. Enjoyed getting a great workout with a very kinda and welcoming group of people. It’s easy to see that Kyle cares about his people and pushes everyone to be them best selves. 10/10 vibe would recommend-Corey, 35

Thanks to you I did great on my health screen! BMI, blood glucose and oxygen saturation were all improved quite drastically!Maria-64​


I love your outdoor group classes! They're fun, energetic & I feel amazing all day! Every muscle group gets worked, so it’s a full body workout & you can go at your own pace. Thanks for providing this option locally! Hoping to be able to attend more.-Jaimie, 57​

He is extremely dedicated to his career and truly cares about helping people. I am most impressed by how he approaches his training programs as an artist. He is able to identify what each individual needs. He values perfect form and had a modification for every skill level. He knows how to help clients prevent and recover from injuries. If you have a goal, Kyle will get you there! I always feel inspired after leaving a training session or having a conversation with him. The joy he receives from helping others shines through each session. If you’re considering working with him - today is the day to start-Arianna, 33​

The single leg exercises are kicking my butt and I'm already seeing results! You rock!-Julia, 24


​We only met once a week but I looked forward to it and I always felt better after, even when I was having an off day. You challenged me and kept it fun and my energy level improved. I felt stronger and accomplished and the consistency of it made it easier to be more consistent with my at home exercise as well. I'm a very shy person and often exercising in front of people makes it worse lol but you were great and made it easy to get over myself and pay attention to what I was there for. You do a great job.-Angelina, 31


​You’ve always given me effective ways to alleviate pain using the right movements and strength training. So thankful to have you as a resource and coach.-Justin, 44


​As a professional performer I trust Truitt Fitness to get me to the level of strength, balance, and personal confidence required for whatever a role demands.Elliott, 34

Working with Kyle has helped me to control my breath when I start to get really exhausted. I no longer have to rely on an inhaler when I start to feel fatigued from physical activity-Darryl, 73​


It is always postive. Kyle you have helped me in so many ways. The personal training as help my A1C drop and hopefully of meds come Dec. My surgery foot, all those calf exercises has help me to walk without pain. So I thank you for making me healthier and stronger most of all in less pain. Kyle you are a great trainer  I hope in the colder months maybe we can all come to the gym instead of outside and the darn hill!-Theresa, 61

Training with Kyle has helped me feel healthier and stronger than I have in several years. I reached my goal of losing weight to get to where I was at 5 years ago with his help!Chris, 34

If you need to get fixed or just improve it has to be with Kyle at Truitt Fitness. Where the doctors and physical therapy failed me, Kyle fixed me. He listens, understands and puts together a program to help build you better than before.-Karl, 52

After focusing on strength and endurance training I hit a personal best with my half marathon time training with Kyle. His program focused on strengthing the lower body and core while improving endurance and it helped significantly!Stacey, 36​

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