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Real quotes from REAL PEOPLE!

Immesurable amounts of credit go to you and how you've not only helped push me, but you've helped me navigate my body, work to identify weaknesses and develop those areas, and really reinforce a positive and driven mindset. You've led the way to me developing into the force I've always wanted to be.-Joshua, 35

Thanks to you I did great on my health screen! BMI, blood glucose and oxygen saturation were all improved quite drastically!

The single leg exercises are kicking my butt and I'm already seeing results! You rock!-Julia, 24

Working with Kyle has helped me to control my breath when I start to get really exhausted. I no longer have to rely on an inhaler when I start to feel fatigued from physical activity

-Darryl, 69

Training with Kyle has helped me feel healthier and stronger than I have in several years. I reached my goal of losing weight to get to where I was at 5 years ago with his help!

Chris, 34

After focusing on strength and endurance training I hit a personal best with my half marathon time training with Kyle. His program focused on strengthing the lower body and core while improving endurance and it helped significantly!

Stacey, 34

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